• LCD computer screen control system or numerical tube control system for ZNC EDM
  • Adopting fuzzy control theory, carbon deposition can be checked by itself.
  • On the time of unstable discharge, the machine have auto clapper.
  • Multilevel loss can be transferred. Various area and mould processing requirements can be satisfied.
  • With special mirror processing safe circuit.
  • Z axis with max.9 level edit and processing. From rough processing to fine processing can be finished at one time.
  • intelligent specialist data system, easy for the beginner to use
  • Early warning of multiple dangers ,protection for reducing unnecessary damages due to the mistaken operation
  • There are some safe devices in circuit.
  • Self-diagnostic system and LED state display, convenient to examine and repair
  • Oil level control, process device will be stopped automatically
  • Accelerograph control, if the display is OFF, process device will be stopped automatically
  • if temperature of working fluid is too high according to induction, the process will be cut off  automatically
  • Temperature induction, fire extinguisher sprays automatically and cut off the power supply at the same time
  • Light induction, fire extinguisher spray automatically and cut off the power supply at the same time
  • Automatic fire extinguisher, security is the best without pollution, not destroy machine and mould
  • Machine is designed by computer analyses with good structure and high precision.
  • Good precision Taiwan screw  and DC servo motor are used in Z axis.
  • The progressing high precision bearing and high precision ball screw are used in X,Y axis.
  • Rails are “V”shape,can move lightly under heavy load
  • Italy oil pump.
  • Spindle box lubricate ,avoiding high temperature and big noise
  • Can arbitrarily choose the methods of removing scrap iron, sweeping pil or sucking oil, also choose process that the work piece is not submerged in oil
  • It suits to process cavity, hole and special shape parts in copper, plumbago, steel.


ZNC EDM Series Specifications