About Us

Cutting, Forming and Measuring 
CNC Machine Tools, Accessories and Metrology.

Company Profile

VASKA TECH is a company engaged in providing affordable,blue-ribbon Machine Tools from reputed brands for Metal Cutting,Forming and Measuring Solutions.“Vaska Tech",is an enthusiastic team of professionals with more than 2 decades of experience in Sales & Services especially in CNC Machine Tools,Measurement Solutions & Automation. 

Our technical sales team has enriched experience of handling multi-dimensional products of CNC lathes, VMC,HMC,Multi Axis cutting machines ,EDM, Wire cut and Metrology products for over 2 decades. The team has professional service experts with experience of maintaining CNC Lathes & VMC and multi axis machines from last 15 years.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as “trusted partners” who are committed to deliver values & principles to our stakeholders & customers. 

Our primary goal is to grow the business with a reputation to live and reasonable profit. We believe to give our customers outstanding performance in all areas - technology, machines, application & service support.

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Our customers can rely on the expertise of our Service and Technical department.

  • We assist you with machine breakdowns and preventative maintenance routines with swift response for any engineering assistance required
  • We also stock & supply spare parts & offer well planned maintenance  packages for CNC machines, Automation and measurement solutions 
  • The team also provides training for CNC Machines, tailored to suit existing skills and abilities    

automation  cnc edm wirecut


 Our Strength is to provide Automation for any specific needs of Industry whether it is automated cutting or assisted measurement solutions , we are definitely a go.... 

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Our Motto :

Our Motto Is to provide depth to Manufacturing and Metrology, by building on innovative Ideas to improve efficiency and Deliver Values in terms of overall productivity precision.


 Machine tool Industry is considered as a strategic industry segment being an integral part & parcel of manufacturing, particularly discreet manufacturing segments such as automobiles, defence, railways, plastic machinery, medical electronics and white goods. 

Manufacturing can achieve excellence only with Machine tools segment being strong and technologically effective backed up by Metrology solutions assistance for achieving precision levels.

Core Values


  • Quality   First    
  • Trust & Respect   
  • Care & Commitment   
  • Relationship for Life     

Our Philosophy

Profitability faster returns

  • Build on “Ideas” & deliver “Values” to customers
  • Work with Quality Equipment & Affordable Technology 
  • Provide a Clean and Safe working environment
  • Believe in Sincerity and Teamwork
  • Offer prompt training,application and after sales support

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